Super fruits complete multivitamin. Super fruits. Super good for you.

Help Protect Their Bright Future*

The newest members of the growing Alive!® family are young, fun, and ready for what’s next. NEW Teen Gummy Multivitamins have arrived! They’re packed with the essential vitamins and minerals teenagers need to thrive for school days, sports, and everything in between.

Today’s teens live a digital lifestyle and are constantly exposed to blue light as a natural part of the visible light spectrum. That’s why we’ve added the innovative Lutemax 2020® to Alive! Teen Gummies. It helps eyes shield and filter blue light from the sun, LED lights, and digital devices.*

Make sure your teens have the tools they need to make the most of their bright futures including Alive! Teen Gummies.

Alive Teen for her bottle, citrus burst.

Complete Multivitamin for Her

Made just for teen girls 13+. Delicious citrus burst flavor.

Alive Teen for him bottle, fruit punch.

Complete Multivitamin for Him

Specially formulated for teen guys 13+. Fruit punch flavor.

  • With 17 vitamins and minerals, including the full B-vitamin complex.*
  • Includes our food-based Orchard Fruits & Garden Veggies powder blend (75mg per serving).
  • Lutemax 2020® helps eyes shield and filter blue light.*
  • Gluten-free. Made with pectin, not gelatin.
Eyes* Immune Health* Cellular Energy* Heart* Antioxidant Support*

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